How I do my computing

This is my 1st article on which is about computing and list of software I use. I’ve mostly hyper-linked wikipedia’s article where you can get information about respective topic/software (You may also find the website for same at Infobox)

I installed Trisquel GNU/Linux on 28-November-2014.
I use Free/Libre (मुक्त/स्वतंत्र) software to do my computing.

Command-Line is very interesting for me and I enjoy it. Notable commands are from GNU Coreutils, process-handling commands, text-processing commands.
I do package-management (apt, dpkg etc.) i.e installing/removing software by means of command-line mostly.

Following is the general list of free software I use to do computing:

Operating System Trisquel GNU/Linux
Desktop Environment GNOME 3 Flashback
GNOME Applications
Terminal Emulator GNOME Terminal
File Manager Nautilus
Text Editor Gedit
Document Viewer Evince
Disk Utility GNOME Disks
Partition Editor Gparted
Misc. GNOME Apps file-roller, gnome-tweak-tool, gnome-calculator, brasero, gthumb, gnome-screenshot, baobab, gnome-system-monitor, alacarte
Free/Libre Software
Office Suite LibreOffice
Image Editor GIMP
Media Player VLC
Web Browser Abrowser, Icecat
SWF Plug-in Gnash
Download Manager uGet
Video Converter WinFF
Startup Disk Creator usb-creator-gtk
Audio Recording & Editing Audacity
Package Installer Gdebi
Package Manager Synaptic
Modem Manager Modem Manager GUI
System Profiler and Benchmark Hardinfo
Pdf Tools Pdf Chain, Pdf Shuffler, Pdf Mod (GNOME App), qpdfview, Okular
Synchronizing Files Grsync
Astrology Maitreya
Other Web Browser Lynx, Dillo, Links2
Vector Graphics Editor Inkscape
Page Layout Scribus
Virtual Keyboard Florence
World Clock gworldclock
Video Transcoder Transmageddon
Games Glest, BosWars

You can get the list of packages that are pre-installed with Trisquel GNU/Linux 7.0 Belenos.

Following is the (alphabetical) list of some command-line packages that I installed manually.

randr – Simple visual front end for XRandR
barcode – Utility and library for barcode generation
cups-pdf – PDF writer backend for CUPS
dpkg-dev – Debian package development tools
dpkg-repack – puts an unpacked .deb file back together
finger – user information lookup program
gawk – GNU awk, a pattern scanning and processing language
gksu – graphical frontend to su
gtk-recordmydesktop – Graphical frontend for recordMyDesktop screencast tool
gtk-recordmydesktop – Graphical frontend for recordMyDesktop screencast tool
httrack – Copy websites to your computer (Offline browser)
httrack – Copy websites to your computer (Offline browser)
jpegoptim – utility to optimize jpeg files
lftp – Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP client programs
libimage-exiftool-perl – library and program to read and write meta information in multimedia files
libnotify-bin – sends desktop notifications to a notification daemon (Utilities)
lynx – Text-mode WWW Browser (transitional package)
ncdu – ncurses disk usage viewer
nodejs – Node.js event-based server-side javascript engine
npm – package manager for Node.js
p7zip-full – 7z and 7za file archivers with high compression ratio
php5-mysql – MySQL module for php5
php5 – server-side, HTML-embedded scripting language (metapackage)
pv – Shell pipeline element to meter data passing through
uim – Universal Input Method – metapackage
uim – Universal Input Method – metapackage
unrar-free – Unarchiver for .rar files
wmctrl – control an EWMH/NetWM compatible X Window Manager
xdotool – simulate X11 keyboard/mouse input
yad – Yet Another Dialog – dialogs for shell
yad – Yet Another Dialog – dialogs for shell
youtube-dl – downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites
youtube-dl – downloader of videos from YouTube and other sites
zsh – shell with lots of features

I insist on free software. I don’t use proprietary/non-free software unless absolute necessity (i.e compulsion or helplessness). Following are the acknowledgement of such unexpected software:

I’ve to install a non-free plug-in for my HP printer. I mostly use software mentioned as “Pdf Tools” above but rarely use master-pdf-editor which is a proprietary software for editing pdf as pdfedit, a Free/Libre software doesn’t work well. (Visit this post)

I’ve to use Microsoft Power-Point for accessing with presentation files because If I use Impress and make ppt then it cause difficulty in sharing presentation with others as they (unfortunately) use MS Powerpoint instead. Similarly facing difficulty while sharing document or spreadsheet files and have to use MS Word/Excel. The actual problem is people use Microsoft Office and I LibreOffice, However I mostly use Writer & Calc personally.

Another example is for using chkdsk when ntfsfix fail.
so, I rarely use WindowsXP for such issue.

Additional Note: On my android device, I’ve implemented more than 35+ application from F-Droid.

On the Web:

I mostly use DuckDuckGo for searching on the web. Though, I use Google sometimes.
I firstly refer/visit Wikipedia for getting information about any topic.
I use Openmailbox and Gmail for Email purpose.
I use StackExchange for Q&A. Also visit Askbot

I presently have a simple Desktop PC (Pentium 4, 3+3 GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, 200GB of HDD and Integrated HD Graphics).

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